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Hybrid Masks

Hybrid CPAP Masks are a great solution for CPAP users who desire features from both full face masks and nasal masks without struggling with an obstructed field of vision. Browse our selection of Hybrid CPAP masks like the ResMed Mirage Liberty for an unobtrusive feel, or the Innomed Universal Mask with a built in chin flap for maximum comfort.

A Hybrid CPAP mask is ideal for mouth breathers who dislike the frame of a typical mask. The Hybrid features a sleek design with an open field of vision, making it the perfect solution for users who enjoy reading or watching television before bed.
Hybrid masks combine nasal pillows with a full face mask. The nasal pillows ensure a proper seal while the full face feature on the chin ensures the mouth is covered so air doesn’t escape. The ResMed Mirage Liberty offers a minimalist design with dual wall nasal pillows that adjust to nasal contours for a comfortable and strong seal.
For CPAP users who dislike chinstraps, the hybrid mask is a great solution because it allows users to breathe with their mouth open, sending pressurized air into the nose and mouth without the weight of a bulky frame. Innomed’s Hybrid Universal Mask is specifically designed for users who have difficulty adjusting to full face masks, keeping the field of vision open while still providing all the benefits of a full face CPAP mask. offers free shipping on all products, and allows you to swap your mask within the first 30 days if you aren’t fully satisfied. If you are tired of a bulky frame, or just searching for something new, try a Hybrid CPAP mask today!

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